Aotearoa, 2016 - Part I

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Touché's passport showed a round number of years and I wanted to give her a colourful and fascinating present. So I decided to make a photo album of some parts of our trip to New Zealand in early 2016 (I was going to write 'spring', but of course this was in fact 'autumn' in that part of the world, although we didn't really see the typical autumn colours we are used to in Belgium, Germany, or France).

The few pages that I present here may become the starting point for a broader website that is based on the newsletters we write when we travel. We always send these to friends and family while we are on the road. Touché started out to write a weekly newsletter in Portuguese to her beloved folks in Brazil when she moved to Antwerp, Belgium, in 2003. When we went on holidays, she continued to write about them to her people, while I started to add my version in Dutch for our friends in Belgium. Much later, we were crazy enough to add versions in French and English.

The newsletters from our voyages came without photos, but at the same time, we made a lot of pictures during our trips. So this is a great opportunity to combine the written word with the images that made us marvel and enjoy our travels so much. Some newsletters can be found in Portuguese and Dutch on our Yellowstone website, and in Dutch on our blog: New Zealand and Costa Rica (2016), Denmark (2017), and Tromsø (2018). New Zealand is also present in our Waterfall website (october 2016).

There is so much more to tell and to show about Aotearoa: the kauri forest, the fjord-like landscape of Milford Sound, the beautiful Wanganui valley, the vulcanic region with hot water sources and sulphur holes... and the fascinating Māori culture. So look out for new chapters in this story.

Happy birthday, my beloved Touché! And all of you: come with us on our travels! Comments are welcome on

Take a look at this Haka dance at a kiwi wedding. The haka is a traditional Māori ceremony, welcoming as well as showing strength.
Haka ceremony at a kiwi wedding (article in Today, 22-01-2016